Natalia Lazarus



Lazarus On Stage Studios

Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory

Promenade Playhouse

Actress, Director, Writer, and Producer, Natalia Lazarus, debut author of the lyrical and poignant My Love Affair: Thorns & Roses.

Natalia is known and respected in Hollywood as the passionate CEO & Founder of the landmark Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory and Artistic Director of its iconic Promenade Playhouse, celebrating its 26th anniversary. Its achievements were recently honored by Mayor Sue Himmelrich and the Santa Monica City Council.

Natalia’s Lazarus On Stage Studios has recently moved to its new location for which it acquired a long term lease on the renowned Pico Blvd. in West LA . The new Studio, currently being designed and in construction, is a two story, 6700 sq. ft. multi-use media center that houses the L.A. Performing Arts Conservatory, the Promenade Playhouse, and the Hollywood Sound Stage.


~ LA Conservatory Alumni

Natalia has devoted much of her career to participating in the seven lively arts, having acted, directed, and produced more than 35 classic and contemporary stage and film productions. Most recently Natalia guest starred in Westworld, HBO’s Hit TV series and previously starred and toured in playwright Jeffery Hatcher’s dramatic, two-character play A Picasso in Paris and the South of France. In the Award winning A Picasso, Natalia received rave reviews playing “Mademoiselle Fischer”, a Nazi cultural officer who captures Picasso and needs him to authenticate three of his works which have been “confiscated” by the Germans from their Jewish owners, to be included in a “degenerate art show”, curated by Joseph Goebbels.

Natalia’s One Woman Show Birthday Girl premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival where it received critic and audience kudos. She also starred in the stage play Remains of a Nation, for which she also directed the film version. Further, she has just completed her original screenplay, A Year in Picasso currently creating a buzz in Hollywood. Natalia also became the voice of Estee Lauder and has appeared in over 20 TV commercials.

A daughter of a German-Jewish diplomat and a Honduran psychologist, Natalia learned early on how to transpose etiquette and human behavior into the creation of characters. Her international flair and multilingual skills (Fluent in French, Spanish, Italian and English) come from being educated early on at the American School in Honduras and around the world: Sorbonne University in Paris, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts East, New York University, The University of London, The British Film Institute and the Ned Herrmann Brain Dominance Center.

Today, Natalia enjoys living in Southern California where she dreamed she would walk the Malibu beaches since she was 14 years old.