My Love Affair: Thorns & RosesNatalia Lazarus Awards & Reviews

My Love Affair

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Love is a complicated but incredibly beautiful thing. Most of us know and experience love, and some of us are fortunate enough to find a love so strong that it impacts our lives in ways we can hardly find the words to effectively describe it to others. Author and poet Natalia Lazarus once knew a love like this–a love like no other. Her life was so profoundly changed by this romance that she was moved to transform its power into verse. Her emotions, experiences, and phenomenal words can be found in My Love Affair: Thorns and Roses.

My Love Affair: Thorns & RosesNatalia Lazarus Awards & Reviews

Worth Reading

3 out of 5 stars

Through poetry, the writer unpacks a love affair that went from blissful to sour in no time.


Actress, Director & Author Natalia Lazarus’ book MY LOVE AFFAIR: THORNS & ROSES is an alluring and beautiful collection of poetry from A Year in Picasso, her feature film screenplay which is currently creating a buzz with Hollywood filmmakers. The book’s heart wrenching romance, in verse, reveals moments of love found and lost, from extraordinary joy to extreme sorrow, to new beginnings. It was while starring in Jeffrey Hatcher’s dramatic, two-character, play A Picasso, in the Rive Gauche of Paris that Natalia fell in love. The tumultuous and scandalous love affair took her around the world and from the heartbreak she created the lyrical collection of poetry which found its way into her Thorns & Roses story.

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