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Love is a complicated but incredibly beautiful thing. Most of us know and experience love, and some of us are fortunate enough to find a love so strong that it impacts our lives in ways we can hardly find the words to effectively describe it to others. Author and poet Natalia Lazarus once knew a love like this–a love like no other. Her life was so profoundly changed by this romance that she was moved to transform its power into verse. Her emotions, experiences, and phenomenal words can be found in My Love Affair: Thorns and Roses.

My Love Affair: Thorns and Roses, by Natalia Lazarus, is written in a unique format. Lazarus has gifted readers her story in the form of poetry presented as a drama. This stunning take on storytelling serves to lure readers into Lazarus’s world and gives them a front-row seat to all of the trials and tribulations she felt in this once-in-a-lifetime love affair.

Readers will be moved by the eloquent poetry; they will find the prose engaging. The combination of styles by Lazarus creates a special kind of appeal for readers. There is both deep pain and love in her words. Both are almost palpable. Lazarus takes readers on a journey of her relationship. From the beginning, through its ups and downs, to its tumultuous ending. The syle is unique and fresh, giving readers an engaging format to experience Lazarus’s work. The raw emotions and openness with which she writes are incredibly captivating. I felt as if I was watching the relationship unfold through her eyes. Readers will not be able to help but feel compelled to continue reading as she presents every tender aspect of her experience. The beautiful photographs of Picasso’s work that accompany Lazarus’s work only enhance her story’s mystery and richness.

My Love Affair: Thorns and Roses is a uniquely-styled romance for anyone seeking a quick but powerful read as well as those who prefer dramas. The combination of poetry and prose will enchant readers.

 by Literary Titan

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